Updated January, 2020

Article I | PURPOSE:


Section 1: Objectives.  The "Association" shall sponsor membership meetings, conferences and educational events, and shall publish newsletters and other publications.  It shall also undertake other tasks of coordination, communication and facilitation intended to advance the understanding, growth, and effectiveness of Real Estate Investing within the State of Texas.  The corporation shall encourage the development of standards and the exchange of expertise and geographic data among its members.  


Section 2.  Principal Office.  The principal office of the corporation shall be at such place in the State of Texas as may be designated from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Article II | Membership


Section 1.  Membership Term.  Membership in the Association shall be on a monthly basis from the actual date a member joins, based on a monthly suggested donation, due upon their anniversary (3 months from the actual date a member joins).  


Section 2.  Qualifications.  Membership in the association shall be open to all individuals having an interest in real estate investing and related topics and technology.  


Section 3. Membership Rights & Privileges.   All members, will have full rights to all benefits based upon their membership level.  Memberships are non-transferable and are for the lifetime of the user.


Section 4.  Membership Downgrade.  All members may downgrade their membership at any time by visiting their My Account portal.   Any member not making a donation to the community within 90 days of the actual date a member joins will be downgraded to a Start-Up Investor Level.


Section 5.  Membership Termination.  Membership may be terminated in any of the following ways:


Any member wishing to have their membership completely removed may submit his/her request in writing to the Dallas REIA Administrator at prior to the end of the annual year for which his/her dues have been paid.

Any member having not making a suggested donation within 3 days of their anniversary date, will automatically be restricted to the features of a Start-Up Investor.  Applicable membership privileges will remain in effect.  Member may re-instate their upgraded membership at any time by making the applicable suggested donation.


Any member that violates the Code of Ethics or brings disrepute to the association or real estate investing industry will be notified and removed from the roster.  All membership privileges will cease at that time.

Article III | Dues & Payments


Section 1.  Dues and Fees.  We aren't the typical real estate investment group with their hand out.  Instead we believe that each month we will add value to your mindset, business and most importantly your life.  All memberships are based on a suggested donation.

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Born from a need to connect the Dallas Real Estate Investment Community to a world of interactive education and new ways of doing business.

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